Yeh hai Bombay meri Jaan

Marine drive ki hawa khate huye

Loved every bit of Bombay except the lack of space but that’s what makes Bombay, Bombay I think. I have been there before when I was small, I had seen all the touristy places. So this time I knew what I didn’t want to see. I didn’t want to be a tourist, I wanted to be a local. Wanted to do things that a Mumbaikar does usually. Mind you, I had only 2 days time to experience it all. Went to Colaba Causeway and was in awe of the whole place. I mean how gorgeous is it. The colonial buildings have my heart. Did not do any shopping just observed. Learnt how difficult it is to find a decent place to live in, in the city let alone, in the heart of this one. Saw a few chawls on the way in real and not the ones Bollywood feeds us. This was normal. This was real. Sat by Marine drive and saw the whole city work it’s magic for a good amount of time. And that is when I realised besides the spirit of the people here, I also was a fan of how accommodating and co existing everyone was. I felt more welcome here be it Hiranandani Gardens in Powai or Santacruz’s narrow allies and roads. I wish I get more reasons and chances to see the whole city but for now I am ending this little something with-

Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan

Until next post,


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