Worry about ivory?

Of course not!

Sitting on my bed in my PJs looking outside the window, wondering if I should wear an ALL WHITE outfit to lunch today. As a very messy and clumsy person in general, white scares me. However that does not change the fact that it’s a very well put together look in itself.

Because I am a shorty, I need ze height (And I can’t wear the damned heels. I just hate heels. How do these women wear it on a daily basis. Urgh!). I mostly opt for a monochrome look. It gives an illusion of a taller body. And the white is just a very fresh pop of colour in this gloomy Bangalore weather.

You are bound to turn heads. Some will worry about the ivory, some will appreciate your courage to wear white in monsoons. Some will just call you stupid. But some will make a mental note in their Pinterest driven mind. So you do you girl!

Polka is so big right now! And bigger is the big-ass buttoned clothing. So I am instantly jumping on the fashion bandwagon, looking all chic.

Also, if you think that it looks quite retro, It does. 80s fashion is the latest trend right now. Have a picture of your mom in her yester years? Play find the difference game with it, you’ll be surprised, because, the 80s are ruling!

Let me know how you like this post.

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