The Wedding Book- Chapter 2

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I am married! I had the most fun during my wedding. We both didn’t want a stage and so all our ceremonies were on the same level as the guests. And that I think added to more warmth and happiness in the whole process. But then again, for the reception we had one, in order to take pictures of the guests distinctly. As much as I love weddings, Sayak doesn’t but we both are on the same page when it comes to marriages. We don’t like them! The idea of adding that “Mrs.” in front of my name is giving me nightmares already. How well of a married couple do we make? Are we going to be the same like everyone or different only time will tell. With marriage comes a lot of responsibilities is what I’ve heard. So I am very excited to see how that is going to turn up. Stay tuned may be?

In this chapter, I am gonna tell you what exactly happened post chapter 1. This one’s all about you girls.

1. Mark your calendar– Plan your weekends ahead. I get weekends off so the days were very limited. I had to get everything done in these two days every week. So I’d write everything down I was supposed to do weekend wise.

2. Make a to-do list– I maintained a checklist and wrote everything down whenever I remembered anything. I carried it with me everywhere. And as soon as I get anything done, I’d strike it off. Ah the feeling!

3. Plan your outfit– What do you want to wear? This is the biggest and the most important question you need to ask yourself first. No matter when you start you’re already very late. Again pinterest comes handy. Take inspirations from everywhere possible. I went through multiple sites. I was on perniaspopupshop, ogaan all day all night browsing through what I wanted to wear for my wedding. Although I did not buy anything from them, I atleast got an idea of how I wanted my lehenga to be. Not only the wedding outfit, I had to plan my Haldi, mehendi and cocktail outfit. Everything I wore was custom made. While my lehenga was made by this designer, Kushal from Kolkata, my banarasi was bought from this old shop in Banaras who make exquisite Banarasis. They make sarees for the biggest names in the industry. It was one hell of an experience. But that is a story for later. Coming to my haldi and mehendi outfits, I got them stitched by my local tailor. The fabric and how I wanted it was all my idea. Cocktail outfit was bought!

4. Talk to people– Now I know you want to do everything on your own. But there are some people whose opinion matters to you right? Talk to them before finalising anything. Like I spoke to two of my very close friends and my mom a million times before I finalised for my lehenga. Because it was big money, you can not take another chance.

5. Pay a visit to your tailor– Yes, this I learned the hard way.  Please keep in touch with your tailor on a daily basis. They get a lot of work during wedding seasons, so if you’re not present there or call them regularly, chances are your work has not even started yet. So please try to do that on a weekly basis if not daily.

6. Buy gifts for ze relatives– This is not easy, rather daunting. I started doing it for some but then my mum took over because I didn’t know anyone’s taste in sarees or jewelries or anything for that matter. She did what she does best. Managed the two sides.

7. Jewellery– Once your clothes are all set, you need jewellery to go with it. Now things you plan and things that are available can be a little stressful to select from to say the least. I took to the internet again. My jewellery for lehenga was bought from Kushal’s and for my Banarasi, everything was gold, courtesy, of course Parents, but brands were MALABAR Gold and Balaji Jewellers.

8. Make up Artist and photographers– Again browse through Instagram or wedmegood to find a good make up artist and photographer in your budget and in your city. Start calling them because they get booked too. I went for the rather conventional way, a good recommendation from my friend Aratrika was all I needed.

Pictures-The shutter story

Make up Artist-Aankhi Roy Mitra

9. Prep your body– If you think you have to put in efforts for your body to look a certain way on your wedding day. If you want to lose weight, watch your diet and have an active lifestyle. Same applies to Skincare watch what you’re eating. You hair is as important as deciding your lehenga. Because I wanted a very conventional look, I haven’t cut my hair from past six-seven months. So this started a year back. That is how important it is!

10. Honeymoon– This requires as much of a preparation as the wedding itself. Let me know if you want me to cover that too.

With that concludes my wedding series. Please let me know if this was any useful.

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