So while I am in Thailand waiting for a ferry to take us to Koh Samui, I thought why not write a post for this trend I had shot for you.

Like I said before, animal prints are so big right now. This is my favourite trend of all the trends in fashion. You can see my leopard print obsession quite evidently on the gram. Joining the party is, the snakeskin. I am seeing it everywhere from Zara to topshop to Asos to Shein.

My favourite look so far has been the leopard print dress with a pair of snakeskin boots. Perfection! Now to make this trend wearable I paired this top with a pair of high waisted jeans.

For a pop of colour, I went with my trusted red boots and sling. Now, I could have paired them up with Browns and the whites too but I wanted a little edge to this outfit. Plus I had not seen anyone style it this way before. And I follow quite a lot of street style bloggers. So let me know if you liked this.

Also, I gotta go have some fun. It’s been a great first day in Thailand. A post for which is on its way. Watch out for this space.

Until next post,



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