Scarves- 5 Ways

Remember the time when you used to watch a black and white TV which was not a screen but a box?

When you used to listen to a music system with big ass speakers and carry a Walkman while traveling? Walkman was considered to be a cool guy’s accessory. Only cool people used to listen to it, while it was securely placed inside their bum bag( more on this, in another post).

Then their were hairbands which were all the rage. Hair accessories were big in the 90’s. I remember pestering my mom for the colourful beads. Those which you put on little sections of your hair. It looked like a party on your head. Colourful and out of control.

One such hair accessory was the scarves. When I was a kid I did wear my ponies secured with scrunchies but I never got to try my hands on the scarves. This was worn by a lot of heroines back in the 90’s and we did draw inspirations from them then unlike in today’s world of influencers in every nook and corner.

Here I have a few ways to rock the scarves.

Let’s go-

1. The Zeenat Aman style(Yes that’s what we are calling this)-

With your hair pushed back with the scarf and a knot in the back with the loose ends brought in front. This whole look is so retro and so much fun.

2. The bow on the top-

I love anything bow. This style is very casual and summer like to me. I’d rock this on a brunch or a day event. Here, you just steer the Zeenat Aman style to a whopping 180° and there you have it.

3. Scarf that pony-

So this is my favourite, you just tie your pony tail with the scarf instead of a hair tie. This brings some spunk to your outfit without putting much effort. Let the ends hang, do not tie a bow.

4. The kuch kuch hota hai style-

Even though it showed in the movie that that was a jhalli ladki’s style. It was a big hit in the Indian fashion then. I remember everyone one sporting the head band everywhere not only in a sports ground, to birthday parties, to schools, to tuitions, to play dates, everywhere.

5. Tie your bun-

This is so big right now. All the celebrities are rocking this one. You wear your bun really high and tie your scarf just around it. It’s like a wrapping paper for your bun. Wear something casual for your bun to stand out, literally!

That’s all folks. Here are some of the ways I am rocking my hair game at the moment. Please let me know how you wear your scarves.

Until, next post.



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