Not so casual!



As I sit at my office desk, munching on the chocolates sent by onsite and yelling at myself on the inside for not following a healthy life, I present to you this post.

I get judged a lot on my outfit choices on Fridays. Mostly because I don’t understand the casual way of dressing to office apparently. To me I look cool #justsaying!

I usually don’t let it affect me and I also know that I have another outlet for my fashion ideas. So here we are on our second post and I couldn’t be happier. I am so grateful for your responses on my Instagram posts. I asked you guys if you’d like to see casuals worn in the most edgy way and still look normal, and most of you said yes. So here we go.

The word casual is always related to tee-shirts and jeans in the fashion world. I feel there’s so much more you can do with a tee and a pair of jeans. I am going to make this a series and blog about it, as and when my confidence is fuelled up with creativity.

So I put my own spin on this casual game and instead of jeans I wore my everyday office culottes with this striped blazer, I am crushing on right now. I chose to wear this white pair of flats in order to match with the monochrome ensemble. My little red bag came to the rescue for that extra oomph and pop of color.

Please let me know how you like it.

Until next post,


📷-Sachin Karmaran


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