K.R. Market

This lady wanted a picture with me.

So I am someone who loves seeing the culture in the city. I always make a list of things to do in xyz before visiting a new place which Bangalore was for me 10 years back. For the lack of travel blogs, we depended on Google.

Google was vague or may be I didn’t know how to Google smartly then. There was a list-of-places-you-must-visit article, from where I made a subset. It had so many places from MTRs to Veena stores, from bull temple to Shiv temple, from Nandi hills to skandagiri, from commercial Street to KR market. The list was still vast and there was so much to do apart from graduating college for an engineering degree.

I had always heard a lot about these places but never really got the chance to see them. So this time around I decided to shoot at one pivotal location for which my choice was Malleswaram flower market. Little did I know, it was shut 2 years back. So I was kind of  confused as to where to shoot when Anil came to my rescue. He suggested KR market, which is not too far from Malleswaram flower market. Since it was on the list, I was game too.

So this happened on a very gloomy day. It had rained the last day. Anil and I snaked through the muddy Chickpet market on his bike and reached for what looked like a very dirty and stinky place at first. To be honest, I could barely breathe.

When we went inside I was surprised to see this place filled with flowers. So bright and colourful. With tourists and locals in perfect harmony. The locals posing for the tourists’ travel pictures.

But to my surprise, the sellers were still setting up. I was told that the market opens by 4 in the morning. And it was almost 8:30 when we reached. It could have been the weather. Anyway, so we shot a few pictures there. I also tried doing what these people were doing. Like making gajras, they call it something else though. These guys were so helpful and cheerful during my interference in their chores. They let me pose with their flowers, by their stalls. Some didn’t even care what was happening. And then there were some who kept looking at my breasts. I guess there are two types of people, who look at your breasts and who look into your eyes. I met the both kind there.

There were some ladies who thought we were shooting for a movie and they insisted to take a picture with me. Some thought I was Sai Pallavi. I have got a few people telling me that there is some kind of a resemblance. They can’t put a finger on it but there is something. One lady even came up and showed her concern on my bra strap showing. She was like, “Can’t carry a dupatta? See your everything is visible and men are looking at you”. I just smiled. I wanted to run from that place. It was beautiful, no doubt but I felt ogled at in amazement and in disgust.

Would I like to ever go there again? No! But I am happy I saw that place. It was on the list, and I am glad I checked it off. May be if you dressed conservatively, you can get away with just the olfactory and optic heaven like feeling.

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📷- Anillkumar


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