How to maintain your curls?

I have recently started following the curly girl method. Now you can look it up and read it all at this point but I am going to tell you how I do it in steps below-

  1. Cleanse- Wet your hair and take a generous amount of conditioner on to it and massage(Yes, you read it right, not shampoo!). Scalp and ends both. This is popularly known as CoWashing (Conditioner Washing).
  2. Untangle- Now take a wide toothed comb and run it through your hair. This is the only time you’re going to comb your hair. You can clean your hair by using a shampoo brush with fine teeth.
  3. Squish to condish- Now as you wash your conditioner slathered hair under running water, try to take some water in your hand and squish the hair with that water while the conditioner is getting washed off. Do it till the hair is not dripping of conditioner anymore.
  4. Leave in- Apply your live in conditioner on soaking wet hair that you’ve just washed.
  5. Gel- Then take a generous amount of gel and apply it all over your hair. Make sure you don’t run your fingers to the scalp. The idea is just to coat your hair with gel. Leave the scalp be.
  6. Drying- A trick to decrease your drying time and dry your hair faster is by scrunching with a T-shirt. Wrap your hair with an old tee and start scrunching.
  7. Scrunch the crunch- Scrunch with the tee for as long as it takes till you start seeing the formation of the curls and your hair not dripping water anymore.
  8. Air dry- I usually wash my hair in the night so I just let it dry all night after scrunching.
  9. Wake up with gorgeous curly hair.

Below are the products that I use for this method. I’ll make another blog post about it in detail if you want me to. Also, tell me if you’ve followed this method and gotten better results or no results. I’d like to know.

1. OGX Shampoo (once in a month)
2. Deva Curl Conditioner
3. BbluntLeave in conditioner
4. Patanjali Gel
1. Shampoo Comb, Miniso
2. Wide toothed wooden comb, Health and Glow

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