Fashion Faux Pas?

I recently watched this documentary on IRIS APFEL. Honestly, I didn’t know who she was until I watched her on NETFLIX. I love Netflix-ing and chilling literally. So a lot of my knowledge on fashion or anything for that matter comes from this brilliant thing, that is slowly on the verge of replacing Mr. X from my life as he would complain. So Iris is a business woman, an interior designer who has done interiors for the White House for a lot of presidents at their time and she is well known for her sense of style. I was amazed by her ability to accessorise her outfit. I haven’t seen such a unique style in a long time. She is a hoarder just like me. She loves collecting fabrics and jewellery. While watching this doc, I realised something I always knew but had forgotten that fashion goes but style remains and truly for her, she has seen decades of fashion and still managed to have her own style.

Naturally I was stuck into a thought spiral for quite sometime, of how fashion has become so fast paced and that its difficult to keep up with, until you buy the seasonal trends and incorporate them into your outfits. Mind you, I love fashion! But sometimes it gets too overwhelming. Like the tiny glasses and the dad shoes and the biker shorts, all of them are so big right now. And I am all for the peeps who are killing it with that trend but its not for me. I honestly think only  Eva Chen & Aimee Song can pull these off like bosses. Well they rock every trend every season but for a middle class girl like me, its a waste of money to be frank only because I don’t like them so much. But has it not occurred to me to buy them, you ask? Of course! a million times! Because I live in the Instagram world. I want to up my style game too. I want my readers to visit my account for styling the latest trends. But I am not going to buy things just because I want to put it up on my feed. Nope! that’s not gonna happen anymore.

I used to plan my outfit for any blog shoot before but starting from now I am going to be spontaneous just how I was for this outfit. I got up an hour before my shoot, freshened up and pulled these two things out of my cupboard. Paired it up with whatever I thought went together and voila! I was so proud of myself the whole day, I am not even kidding.

Funny story, this top was an off the shoulder top whose sleeves I cut off because every other person was wearing it in 2015-16. And just the thought of wearing it made me cringe so an artisté was born. I have worn it as a tube top ever since. Paired it up with my neckpiece I bought from Kolkata Biddhannagar Mela. I am inclining towards neckpieces even more than I ever did right now.

That’s all for now.

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