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So on my recent trip to Delhi I made sure I visited the famous Sarojini Nagar Market. Having watched so many YouTubers and Bloggers rave about this, I just had to visit this cheap source of thrills.  Calling it heaven would be too dramatic I know! but hey it is for people who like to spend less on their clothes and still nail the fashion game.

I found so many gorgeous items but couldn’t buy them because of the sizes. I’d say you really need to have a good eye to spot the on trend pieces. Not everything is wow and not everything is blah. Definitely need to go there more, firstly to get the hang of it and secondly to get acquainted with the shops. There were shops which were selling the same pieces and then there were some which had very unique ones. I remember there was one which was selling just denim crop tops! So definitely lookout for that.

So I bought quite a lot there and went overboard by buying a lot of things that are not my style. For someone who keeps fluctuating between an S and an M on the size chart, this tends to happen a lot and I can’t blame anyone for that but my food habits. However, I just wish they had trial rooms there . This dress for instance, I was sold on the stripes and the flow of the dress. But the arm hole was a little too big for my taste which definitely didn’t stop me from buying it and 2 hrs later when I tried it, I instantly knew I was not going to wear it. I just bought it on a whim and this was not the only one.

After coming back to Bangalore I thought I’d speak about this. So many times we buy junk in the name of sales. Not only Sarojini, Zara, H&M or any high end brand for that matter. I have a lot of things from these brands I don’t wear which were bought just because they were cheap.  Not to sound preachy or anything but I’d say please buy items when they are on new arrivals section then you’ll think more about ways you can wear, if they really suit your style, if they are going to stay in your closet forever. Yes all that! And when you’ve answered all these questions you’ll know if you should buy them or not.

So the other day I asked you on Instagram if you wanted me to style those items. So here we are.

Like I mentioned before, the arm hole being too big, I wore my basic black tee underneath and I liked the look of it. So even when I am not wearing the dress as is, these little tweaks, still work. I can wear this as a Layering piece with any basic tee and jeans combo or even belt it up. The possibilities are endless (I am being extra, I know!). I am a big fan of the combat boots as you might all know already. I wear it with everything possible. It reminds me of my childhood. I was always the boots over sneakers kinda girl. So it was only natural for me to pair them up with this striped number.

That’s all folks! Let me know how you like it and drop in your suggestions on DMs or comments.

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