A pair of white boots for winter 2018

Okay! If its not quite evident on my instagram I love wearing boots.

Recently I have fallen in love with the white boots trend, it is all over the street style pages I follow and I was looking for one from quite a long time. From asos to h&m to zara to mango to westside to max I searched everywhere. I couldn’t find what I was looking for until, a fellow blogger posted a picture of a pair of black boots on her insta-story and I was like, “I want the same in white”. This is what I wanted from so long and someone has it in black. So I asked her and she said they were from Ajio. So I straight away went to the app, browsed through the boots section and saw this gorgeous pair just sitting there waiting for me to order.  There was only 1 pair left in my size. It couldn’t have been more perfect. One of my many Love at first sight moments!

I was so excited to receive this parcel and when it came I did not take even 10 seconds to cut open the whole packaging and open the box of these babies. I wore them and they fit me perfectly. I wore them to shopping the next day. You can see that in my OOTD highlights on instagram.

Now for the outfit for this look. I wanted to wear something black and white with a pop of red. This is by far my favourite color palette when it comes to styling. It is my go-to. So I wore this shirt, left the sleeves open, tied a knot in front. And paired it up with not one but two skirts. Now midi skirts are so big right now that I wanted one in black for this outfit but since I had none. I made one.

I wore my Gingham A line skirt with this mini skirt over it and it gave me that instant midi skirt silhouette and voila my outfit was ready. I paired the whole look with this dupe of a chloe bag from miniso and loved how it turned out. Please let me know if you liked it too. I wore this the whole day by the way. Did not get one frown!

Until, next post.



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