A little Rusty with RustOrange

I am not a very colourful person when it comes to Western wear but for Indian, the more the colors the happier and prettier I feel in them. I had seen the promotions on my feed and not long ago did I find myself browsing through their website and Bookmarking almost everything. I think we have established the fact that I love wearing Kurtas as dresses and so this is no different.

I conceptualised this against a black background to satisfy my dark soul and aesthetics, also black brings out the colours so perfectly! This is how I wear my kurtas naturally. There’s no blogger’s spin on it. Wanted to keep it minimal in the jewellery department as the outfit itself is quite busy with the colours and polka dots.

Lets talk about the serious stuff now. I am always skeptical on buying from stores on Instagram because of the quality and services. The least you could do if something goes wrong is to DM them and who knows whether it would be read or not. So I have mostly avoided buying from stores as such. But I loved the dress so much that I took my chances. The delivery took more than a week and a half. But safe to say it is exactly how it shows in the picture. The quality of the fabric is good too. So I would definitely recommend this.

Please let me know if this was helpful and if you bought anything from them.

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