7 Things to do in Thailand

Thailand, I am sure is on everyone’s bucket list. And I don’t see why not. Its a beautiful country. It is a Mecca for beautiful Islands, Chaotic Party Places and abundant shopping destinations.

Here’s a list of things we did and suggest you do too if you ever plan to visit.

1. Have a day off at any island-(Recommendation-Koh Pha Ngan)-  I am going to call it the Wolf beach for it howls only during the full moon days. Otherwise its silent to the T. We had decided to go to Koh Pha Ngan for Partying, little did we know we’d end up relaxing there the most. We had the whole resort to ourselves, no strike that, it looked like we had the whole resort to ourselves and that the beach was hamare baap ka. We lazed around in the water, wearing our cute bikinis, talking about life and struggles, lifting each other’s spirits up and taking hot pictures for our(my) Instagram. Highly recommend you to have a relax day!

2. Rent a bike– Wow, I feel funny to even write this down because its so obvious. You are in Asia. You gotta rent a bike to explore the local places. You must! Even if you don’t have a license, it doesn’t matter. None of us has license to ride a bike however Nitin rides one everyday to work so we had nothing to worry about. We had to submit our passport until we return it. We have had some of the best rides ever. Phuket and Koh Samui wouldn’t have been so much fun for us if it wasn’t for the rides. Keep your GPS on and just go for it.(250-300 baht a day)



3. Get a massage- Again a NO BRAINER! Hello who goes to Thailand and doesn’t take one?  You basically have nothing to lose except the tension in your muscles. We had two massages in a holiday of 7 days one in a spa and another by the beach. Both were great. But the best was the second one. That feeling of lying naked by the beach, getting a full body massage and listening to the waves hit the shore in a perfect melancholy is indescribable. Also, affordable! Nothing you don’t want. (150-300 Baht for a 1 hr full body massage)

3. Go to Chaweng night market to explore the local wine and dine– There’s more to it, than meets the eye. When we read about it online, honestly I wasn’t impressed. To me it just sounded like a local market. But Boy was I wrong. As the sun went down the whole place lit up with lights and people’s smiles. We had one of the best times there listening to old rock music, siping beer and coconut water and just absorbing the whole vibe of the place. People were so welcoming. There were little stalls of food and beer and jewellery and again so effing affordable.



4. Jungle Club– Now this is a cafe recommendation for the view. We did not have any food there so can not comment about it but Chang beer was just the same. You have to see it for yourself. The pictures don’t do any justice to what we saw. First of all the ride or the walk to this place will drain you out. At least that is what it did to me. But then when I saw the view, I didn’t want to leave. It was spectacular. The green meets the blue. You see a beautiful silhouette of the two and I can not emphasise enough on why must you go. See for yourself.



5. Go Island Hopping– By Island hopping I don’t mean, take a tour of the 5-7 islands in a day. We didn’t want to see everything in one day and exhaust ourselves.  The whole Thailand is just so beautiful that it tempts you to see more and more, we however believe in making the most of one. We went to Railay and just Chilled there for the entire day. Its better to enjoy one than to cover seven. Railay is like a getaway. A safe haven for people who just want to chill the fuck out. Lie on the beach and get toasted. You’ll love it.

6. Phuket’s Night life– This ones for the Party Animal in you. Without a doubt this was the craziest night of our holiday in Thailand. People at Bangla Road know how to have a good time and how! We went there in the evening(best time to go would be after 9) and saw how the price of the same beer change from 100 bahts to 300 bahts to even 900 bahts. I’d suggest, you order 5-6 beers at once and sit through the night. Even if you have no company, worry not, Thai people sure know how to entertain you.



7. Shop at Bangkok– Now if you went on a holiday and didn’t shop, did you even go there? I love shopping on a holiday, Well, let’s just say I love shopping anytime and anywhere. But more so on a holiday. You get stuff you don’t get back at home and there’s always the reason to flaunt ’em, isn’t it? So I bought a bunch of things from Bangkok’s MBK Mall, I could have shopped a lot more but I didn’t have an extra bag and the energy to carry all that good stuff. I bought this sequinned bag which a lot of you have asked about on my instagram. They had the same in 3-4 colours and I kid you not, I could have bought all. I loved them so much! MBK is very famous for the knock offs of most of the luxury brands. You wouldn’t believe, I was carrying this Michael Kors bag and I saw the same for a lot cheaper. I looked thrice just to be sure. Ditto! I couldn’t tell any difference. So if you’re into that, by all means MBK is “it” for you. Besides MBK we sat at this beautiful place to just absorb the city life of the Capital of Thailand. Higher Sky scrappers, faster buses and wider roads but the same people hustling back in India just different looking here.

And that concludes this post. Do let us know if this was useful.

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