6 Things nobody tells you about Seychelles.

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the east coast of Africa. We decided to experience pristine sand, turquoise water and lush green jungles for our honeymoon. Seychelles is equally appealing to the eyes and to the nose, I am not kidding. You know the smell of forest or the smell of soil after rain. It smells like that. Just the thought is making me want to go back to this paradise of an island. You can see the beauty of this place from the moment your plane starts its final descent and spot the tiny islands. If anything, its a view worth fighting for, for a window seat, I am telling ya. Of course you’d have googled before deciding Seychelles as your destination. Apart from the mountainous little paradise and the clear water fantasy, here are six things you need to know before you land here.

  1. Transportation– If you do not want to restrict yourself to only tourists spot, I’d say rent a car for Mahe and Praslin in advance. You can call your Villa and ask them to book a car to be rented out for you. Usually takes (45 Eur/ Day). They can drop the car at the airport when you land. And you can drive it to the villa. Thanks to the GPS, we are sorted that way. Also, make sure your car is an automatic car. I’ll tell you why later in the post. Public transport is very cheap (7SCR per head) and it connects the whole city, if you are not looking for spending a lot on your commute. For La digue there is no other option but a bicycle.
  2. Not a party Place– Yes you heard that right. I would not recommend this place to anyone who is looking for partying on their holiday. Nope! Not happening here! You can enjoy your meals listening to the ocean waves and your company. This is the most laid back place. Mostly apt for letting go off steam and getting yourself toasted on the pristine beaches. Island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking and even surfing are the major activities to indulge in.
  3. Bendy Roads– The whole city is based on a hilly island. So you have to drive through lush green jungles, coast roads by the beaches and hair pin bendy roads. You’ll have to watch out for the steeps and slopes through out the journey, because many a times we couldn’t even see the roads from inside the car or may be we are just too short to drive there, any which way if you have your gears sorted that is one less thing to worry about. The island is small so you’ll know the roads on your first day of driving.
  4. Seychellois Rupees – Yes, they accept USDs and EURs too but they transact mostly in SCRs. So for Rent and driving they’ll take in stronger currencies but for daily commute, food and drinks, make sure you have SCRs as a lot of times their Rate of exchange might not be the same as you’d expect. So if you don’t want any hassle there, carry Seychellois Rupees.
  5. Food– I don’t mean sky high but almost 30 EURs or more for a meal. Most of the villas have very well equipped kitchens. So you can make your own food. We decided to cook our breakfasts at least. Not recommending you to miss out on the delicious creole cuisine which is mostly seafood and rice. We have had the best of barbecued fish there. I don’t even know the name of the fish but it was huge and yum. If you like experimenting, this is the place to be at because they serve bat curries, its very common there. However, we did not have the courage to try it but if that’s your cup of curry then by all means. I tried a bite of a shark steak though, It wasn’t bad either. So you have a variety of food options. Also, Indians are everywhere and so is the food. So thats that.
  6. Ferries– To get around the islands, you’ll need to take the ferry. Now I’d advice you to book the tickets in advance and take the print outs. These fill up fairly fast. Praslin from Mahe is 1.5 hrs away and La digue 15 minutes from Praslin.

That’s really all you need to know to experience this paradise, I hope you had something to take away with you from this. For more pictures and stories, head to my instagram.

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